Caughlin Club Dance Company

Introduce your kids to the wonderful world of dance! Camille Deal has been dancing for over 20 years. Camille holds a degree in Dance Kinesiology, former NBA dancer and has extensive experience in performance and competitive dance. She creates a fun, inspirational learning environment for kids, focusing on the fundamentals and classic discipline of dance technique. Classes are starting soon! Space is limited, for pricing and information please contact Camille at (707) 815-1866 or

NEW DANCE CLASSES starting Jan 9th!!!

Teen/Adult Hiphop Monday 5:30pm

Teen/Adult Tap Tuesday 6:00pm

Teen/Adult Ballet Thursday’s 6:00pm

Beginning Tap (ages 5-7) Thursday 4:00pm
Pom is in between dance and cheerleading– it emphasizes the basics of both genres with a major focus on performance and showmanship

Pom (Ages 6-8) Monday 4:20pm

Monday Classes

10:30am Pre-Dance (3-5yrs)

3:30pm Tap/Ballet Combo (3-4yrs)

4:20pm Beg/Int Ballet (7 &up)

5:15pm Beg/Int Hip-hop (8 & up)

Tuesday Classes

3:45pm Beginning Tap (5-7yrs)

4:30pm Beginning Jazz (6-8yrs)

5:30pm Advanced Jazz/Technique (teen-Adult) *starts October 4th

Wednesday Classes

3:30pm Int Tap (6-8yrs) *must have prior tap experience

4:30pm Beg Ballet (5-6yrs)

5:15pm Int Jazz (9 & up)

Thursday Classes

5:00pm Beg. Hip-hop (5-7yrs)

Friday Classes

4:30pm Beginning Ballet (5-6yrs)