Kids Dance Class Start August 2015


Our upcoming dance program will start AUGUST 17th! Enrollment is now open! Contact Camille Ruja or Caughlin Club’s accounting department to register your child today! 

Camille Ruja, Dance Director (707)815-1866 

Caughlin Club (775)747-6006


Monday 1030am Pre Dance 2 (4yrs) *must have prior dance experience 

Monday 11:15am Predance 1 (3-4yrs)

Monday 430pm Intermediate Ballet (7-9yrs) *Must have prior dance experience 


Tuesday 1030am Pre Dance (3-4yrs) 

Tuesday 11:30am Tap (3-4yrs)


Wednesday 330 Tap (4-5yrs)

Wednesday 430 Beg/Int. Ballet (5-7yrs) 


Thursday 5pm Beg/int Tap (6-9yrs)