Tammy Callahan, the founder of Together Bridging Educational Gaps is proud to have her office within Caughlin Club. It is located directly behind the reception desk Helping people and families develop a healthy lifestyle is the core of Caughlin Club. This is why she sought out an office at the club. Members that are students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of athletic activities, camps, etc. offered to children of all ages.

TBEG is a model that provides Educational Coaching to students and parents. Educational Coaching reaches far beyond tutoring. She works with the students and parents.

TBEG’s model is a holistic approach to academic coaching based on each individual student’s needs (and their unique family circumstances) building the bridges necessary for successful and fulfilling life-long learning.

TBEG assists in traditional learning models working with parents and students (and their teachers) who attend private schools, charter schools, and public schools whether in-person, hybrid, or distance learning options are utilized.

Additionally, TBEG can assist with home school options and pod-educational models.

Tammy has over 23 years of teaching experience in Washoe County before taking early retirement and founding TBEG in 2011. Tammy is a dually certified Nevada licensed teacher, holding both a K-8 Elementary certification and a K-12 Special Education / Gifted certification.

More information can be found at: www.togetherbridgingeducationalgaps.com