Our upcoming dance program will start AUGUST 17th! Enrollment is now open! Contact Camille Ruja or Caughlin Club’s accounting department to register your child today! 

Camille Ruja, Dance Director (707)815-1866 

Caughlin Club (775)747-6006


Monday 1030am Pre Dance 2 (4yrs) *must have prior dance experience 

Monday 11:15am Predance 1 (3-4yrs)

Monday 430pm Intermediate Ballet (7-9yrs) *Must have prior dance experience 


Tuesday 1030am Pre Dance (3-4yrs) 

Tuesday 11:30am Tap (3-4yrs)


Wednesday 330 Tap (4-5yrs)

Wednesday 430 Beg/Int. Ballet (5-7yrs) 


Thursday 5pm Beg/int Tap (6-9yrs)