Tennis at Caughlin Athletic Club

Tennis Equipment, Racquet Stringing

Leaving your racquet in the car, in Reno’s hot summer weather, can take its toll on your strings. Before you step on the court, you may want to restring your racquet. Caughlin Club Tennis Center is proud to have our very own stringing expert. Yazir Nauhm – Barrios is skilled in the areas of racquet technology, customization, stringing, and racquet service techniques. Stocked with the best name in strings: Solinco, Wilson, Luxilon you are sure to find the necessary tools to add the power, spin or comfort you’ve been missing in your game.

If the names of your favorite tennis players, Pete Sampras, Steffi Graf or John McEnroe are also the same era as your tennis racquet, then it might be time to consider some new tennis gear. Caughlin Club’s Tennis Center provides the newest in tennis equipment, strings, and shoes. With brands such as Wilson (including the Roger Federer RF97), Babalot, K-Swiss and Asics we will be happy to find the winning combination for your next Reno tennis experience.

Last minute needs for overgrips and balls (including Wilson Orange starter balls for developing junior tennis players) can all be found right here in Reno at the Caughlin Tennis Center. We also stock dampeners and our own brand of shirts and hats.

For more information such as shop hours please visit us at Tennis Nation, or if you need assistance right away give us a call at 775-240-6505. We look forward to assisting you with all your tennis equipment needs.