Tammy Callahan is the owner of Together Bridging Educational Gaps and is happy to announce her office is now located in Caughlin Athletic Club. She has been an educator for more than 28 years including teaching at Caughlin Ranch Elementary school for 23 years before retiring. She is dually certified in Elementary Ed, Special Education / Gifted. She is innovative, forward thinking, taking a personalized approach to assist students, teachers and their parents in achieving goals and increasing student’s overall academic potential through Academic Coaching. Academic Coaching is much more than tutoring; it is an individualized program that supports students and empowers parents to help their child succeed in all academic subject areas. We work with students, closely with parents, and teachers so that the child is supported and able to comfortably succeed in any school or home learning experience. Offering support to students K-12 and assisted by a trained and gifted instructor Grace Ericson who is currently a senior at Reno High and has a proven success rate with her students. Representative services include: academic support offered in areas of need and or focus, educational assessments, study skills, organization skills, time management skills, as well as mentoring with the team in the development and implementation of a customized learning plan within IEP/504 consultations. “Together Bridging Educational Gaps” Teaching Tools 4 Success 2 Students, Parents & Joyfully Supporting Teachers www.togetherbridgingeducationalgaps.com